Lift Stations, Pump stations & Wet-Well Mixing Systems

Pulsair build the fastest, most energy efficient and least maintenance required mixing system for uniform wet-well & lift station mixing.  The Pulsair mixing process is the best solution for handling odor and toxic gases and helps keep fats, oil and grease caps (FOG) from building up in lift-stations and wet-wells.

Sewage wet wells (lift stations) are designed to store raw wastewater prior to arriving at the main wastewater treatment facility for processing. Challenges arise when fluids are stored over long periods of time at lift stations and can negatively affect the wet well and the entire wastewater treatment process Pulsair Systems offers an effective and low energy cost solution for breaking up troublesome grease caps, reducing toxic gases and odors in sewage lift stations.

industrial tank mixing

Benefits of the Pulsair water storage tank mixing system:

  • Up to 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional mixing methods

  • 25 years of proven mixing technology

  • Quickly mixes entire contents of the tank

  • Quick payback on investment.

  • More efficient than submersible mechanical mixers and pumps

  • Less maintenance than

  • No in-tank maintenance required

  • Can be operated at any fluid level in wet well

  • Prevents vortexing

Challenges in sewage lift stations that the Pulsair mixing system solves:

  • Build up FOG (fat, oils and grease)
  • Reduces volatile odors and toxic gases
  • Helps prevent clogging of pumps
  • Keeps solids in suspension
  • Submersible mixers must operate at a certain liquid level.

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