Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Mixing Equipment

Federal mandates for Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) add additional energy demands and increased costs.  Pulsair mixing solutions use up to 80% less electricity and are more effective than traditional mixing methods.  BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) process is a newly mandated requirement for wastewater treatment. Nutrients must be removed from the water before it can be discharged back into a body of water or stream. The purpose is to reduce the nitrogen, which tends to produce excessive plant growth. The Pulsair system functions both for aerobic and anaerobic denitrification by keeping solids in suspension with gentle mixing as the wastewater travels through the tanks.


bnr biological nutrient removal mixing system

Benefits of using Pulsair for BNR tank mixing:

  • Mixes wastewater in any size tank basin faster than conventional methods

  • More energy efficient than mechanical mixers ~50-60% more efficient

  • Reduces nitrogen levels and easily suspends solids throughout the tank

  • Provides uniform mixing in the tank and prevents short circuiting of inflows

  • ZERO in-tank maintenance

  • Simple, low cost installation into new and existing tanks

  • Mix 100% of the liquids for better tank utilization

  • Mix at any liquid level

  • Avoids over mixing with adjustable speed and power controller for maximum efficiency

  • 30+ years of proven mixing technology for liquids with high viscosities and high solid contents

  • Custom engineered to fit any size tank or control any number of tanks

  • SCADA / plant PLC integration capabilities

    biological nutrient removal bnr wastewater mixing

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